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Travel in couple: 5 ideas ideas for your honeymoon

Honeymoon: which destination to choose?

One of the most beautiful things related to marriage, in addition to the awareness of starting a shared path, certainly concerns the honeymoon. The honeymoon, in fact, is not only an important moment for the couple but also a way to recover the energy lavished in the organization of the ceremony.

When the wedding approaches and you are taken by the stressful organizational tasks, perhaps related to the choice of the restaurant or the color of the place cards, the greatest consolation is knowing that, shortly thereafter, we expect a dream travel experience.

Whether it is a Caribbean destination or a large, modern metropolis, the honeymoon promises the bride and groom an idyllic and auspicious start. It is important, however, that the organization of the honeymoon is not perceived as a source of tension: fortunately there are many ways to plan everything quickly: last minute cruises are an example of this, which allow a perfectly planned honeymoon in a very short time.

But what are the goals to consider? Downstairs, some useful suggestions.

Honeymoon: The most beautiful destinations for honeymooners


honeymoon in mexico
honey moon in mexico travel

The honeymoon needs places that evoke a certain romanticism. That’s why Mexico is at the top of the list of honeymoon destinations. In this regard, there are those who, having unlimited availability in terms of time and budget, choose to cross much of the country. With ten days, however, you can devote yourself to exploring the Yucatan Peninsula, which is the most touristy part of it.

Dominican Republic

dominican republic honeymoon
ideas for honeymoon in dominican republic

The Dominican Republic is also quite successful in honeymoon bookings. Santo Domingo, which is its capital city, is in fact very popular with couples, thanks to its Caribbean beaches and its sentimentalistic scenery. In any case, there is no lack of a good offer of entertainment and fun.


honeymoon in Cuba

The Caribbean Sea wins again. This time we are talking about Cuba, which in recent years has become one of the most popular destinations for those who choose to get married.

If before, in fact, it was believed that Havana was an ideal destination for singles in search of fun, today Cuba has undergone an important revaluation for the benefit of mass tourism. Many couples choose it as their honeymoon destination.


honeymoon in indonesia
Indonesia for honeymoon ideas

Indonesia has rediscovered a truly remarkable tourist potential in the last decade. Bali, for example, which for a long time was considered the destination par excellence of the most eccentric travellers, has now become an island almost entirely supported by the tourism industry.

Its green forests, rice fields and luxury villas contribute to its beauty, making it one of the most beautiful honeymoon destinations.



For an unusual honeymoon we recommend Norway, which can be reached on a cruise. Its beautiful fjords and natural landscapes will make you feel like the protagonists of a fairy tale not yet written.

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