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The Natural Reserve in Abruzzo, Punta Aderci in Italy

I have already told you about Vasto, a tourist city in Abruzzo, my hometown. Yesterday I was in the natural reserve of Vasto, Punta Aderci, to shoot some videos and take some photos with my Nikon, my partner and my dog René. I created a video that I uploaded on my Instagram IGTV profile and on my Youtube channel.

I climbed the promontory of Punta Aderci, at 26 metres far above sea level, to fully enjoy the panorama; if you look carefully in the video from the promontory it is also visible Gran Sasso and the Maiella National Park.


It’s an amazing place, where the sound of the waves and the rustling of the wind brings you relaxing mind and body. The Punta Aderci Nature Reserve stretches for 5 km to the border with the municipality of Casalbordino and starting from the beach of Punta Penna. It can be visited on foot but also by mountain bike thanks to the dedicated path, built a few years ago to enhance the area. For snorkelling and marine animals lovers, you can spot sea turtles but also sometimes dolphins.

There are three important beaches in the Punta Aderci reserve. The first is the Punta Penna beach (Libertini beach) which can be reached in two ways: reaching the marina there is a car park and then continue on foot (this is the road I recommend for those who go on vacation in Vasto with family with children); then there is a second entrance where you will have to go down a lot of steps surrounded by nature. A bar is open on Punta Penna beach and there are public services. Here you can admire the little brother, the protected bird of the reserve. I forgot to tell you that the beach is sandy.

The second is the Punta Aderci beach where there is no sand and we have pebbles and rocks (it is what you see in the video I shot yesterday). To reach this beach there is a parking for cars and then continue on foot. It is not ideal for families with children because there are stones.

spiaggia punta aderci
punta aderci spiagge come arrivare

The third beach is Mottagrossa which is also made of pebbles but wider and more comfortable also for families with children. For those who go on holiday with children or the elderly, the first beach, that of Punta Penna, is the most recommended.

How to arrive to Punta Aderci

To arrive to Punta Aderci you have to take the Statale 16 about 10 km from Vasto


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