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Pamela Reale

My name is Tiffany and I created this blog  I Love Visit Italy on 1st April 2016 with the mission to improve Italy and made in Italy. I am an Italian travel blogger (my true name is Pamela) and I like writing posts about food, blogging, fashion, home design, books, music, beauty, travel tips and more.
I was born in Abruzzo in a place next to the sea; I lived for studies and for work in different Italian cities, such as Florence and Parma and in Uk, Leeds, too.  After my bachelor’s studies in Economy and Management, I decided to open this blog.
I love traveling and explore new places and sharing them with my followers and readers. I created the hashtag #tiffanyinitaly : art, restaurants, culture, destinations, innovation, hospitality, design, fashion, and more posts about Italy.



I graduated at 23 years old in Economy and Management with a Master in Sales & Marketing Management; after that, I get a certificate in Seo and blogging, Content Marketing and Google Marketing.
For many years I collaborated and I collaborate now with freelances, hotels, bed and breakfast, to engage and create their web profile, building a website, social media management, content marketing for other blogs and magazine online.

What you will find in my travel blog

I Love Visit Italy is a travel blog about Italy: travel tips, events, destinations, travel experience, food reviews and recipes, hospitality and tourism, home design tips, fashion tips, and more. My focus is on all topics about Italy, a country famous over the world for beautiful arts and monuments, history, and fashion trends.
This blog is fully managed by me, from the creation of content, graphic e blog management. I am trying to publish all days of useful content and tips for my followers and readers. I love this blog and I love writing each day.


Instagram: @ilovevisitingitaly

Facebook: ilovevisititaly.com 

Twitter: @ilovevisititaly

Youtube: Tiffany Miller

Contact me to collaborate with my blog 

You can email me: info@ilovevisititaly.com. I will be happy to start a partnership with you: products, brands, sponsored posts, business apps, and all people’s desire to improve communication are welcome. Thank you!

Feel free to contact me or leave a comment under this post. Thanks to all!

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